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That moment when you are at y0our lowest physically can can't trust any doctor to help you. That moment when you feel so hopeless like no one understands your pain, maybe someone in my community does. Know that I have been there and you aren't alone. sometimes you need someone who has come out the other end who can see some clarity in your distress. so please contact me.

You do not have to share your story! A lot  of times people reach of telling me their stories wanting to get it out to the media or other  medical professionals.  Well, here is a safe place you can share it and be heard!  I will continue to update the stories as time goes on like it's an active annomoyous patient advocate  blog. 

Let’s Work Together

Email me if  you need an advocate and I will get  back to you right  away with m y personal number.

Or you can tell me your story below to share with me and me alone OR to share on my annomoyous blog. 

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